Is minimalism going to save the economy?

by katebutler882

Support New Economics

For a long time, minimalism was a concept people had heard of only in art. It is everywhere now- minimalism has taken over almost all parts of our life and for good reason. A large part of all our lives is spent trying to accumulate wealth, and material products that we might not even have any need for. As a culture, we have started conditioning people into thinking that they need a lot more things than they actually do- the only way we can keep a capitalist economy actually going.

A capitalist economy cannot be sustainable over a long period of time- the structure is crumbling, and we have already started seeing the cracks. This might explain why a lot of people are ardently supporting the cause of “new economics”. New Economics is more sustainable, and it is highly minimalist. The basis of this form of economy is not just wealth accumulation, but it is the well being of the people as well as the planet.

We need a new way of measuring wealth, so that we can redefine progress. A lot of economists and scientists are not entirely too positive about where we are headed, as a species. Embracing new economics might help take us in a completely different direction- one that might actually save the earth.