Frugality Follow-up

by katebutler882

To add to the conversation my previous post started I want to write more about being frugal this week.

This story from the NZ Herald supports my assertion that most people struggle to reign in their spending habits and make smarter, informed, conservative decisions when it comes to spending. We’ve all seen price-match offers in various stores throughout the country. They always read ‘if you can find a better price elsewhere, we’ll match it!’ It’s becoming apparent that this isn’t as a good a deal as it sounds. According to the article, only 5% of people bother to even seek out alternative prices at other stores. It seems that these sorts of offers are merely serving to simply drum up some consumer confidence.

Happy 3d person - puppet, making shopping

It seems that being frugal and engaging in smart-spending is as tough as ever but another thing I wanted to talk about was a short-term but incredibly helpful solution to the problems of balancing budgets. Ferratum is a company who offer ‘confidential, fast, easy loans.’ And they really stick to their slogan. From time to time we’ll all fail to take care of a finances by giving in to the temptation of spontaneous splurge spending so it’s great to see that there’s a short term solution. As always with these kinds of services they must be used infrequently and with caution, but Ferratum is reliable and, speaking from experience, can be a real (short term) life saver.