The foreboding of frugality

by katebutler882

As the disposable income families can enjoy each year seems to be forever dwindling, I enjoyed finally seeing some writing about the benefits of frugal living.

Frugality is the ability to really analyse and consider what you do and don’t need to spend money on. And NEED is the key word here. So many people will say things like ‘I can’t live without my Starbucks coffee every morning’ or ‘I need my subscription to Netflix or what would I do in the evenings?’ It’s the kind of thing we hear (and probably say ourselves) on a daily basis. But what’s the truth at the heart of it?


Of course, when you look closely, foregoing that overpriced latte in the mornings is not going to kill us. And if we can’t binge-watch back to back episodes of Game of Thrones, we’d surely find some other way to enjoy our time. So why is frugality such an elusive reality for many people? This interview with Frances Ronowicz holds some great insights and good (yet admittedly tough) lessons for all people looking to tighten their belts and reign in there expenses. With nearly half the world’s population surviving on less than 2$ per day we really are living in prosperity and abundance – now if only we can figure out a way to cut back all the excess.