Signs of the times?

I was recently scouring for property news when I came across this map which shows the changes in property values after a survey was made to re-assess them in 2011. A quick scan of the map shows a worrying trend with, I’d say, 60-70% of the properties shown having experienced a drop in their value of 5% or more. I know the survey is old but it’s still worrying, has this trend continued? My common sense always weighs in on these kinds of issues and usually puts me in a worse mood. It seems frustrating that people, their lives tied in to the future of these properties by law and mortgages, can do nothing but watch their value decrease, despite working almost every day in order to afford to stay there.


Perhaps it’s time to start thinking outside the box, or house. While looking for solutions and alternatives to this ongoing trend, I came across a fascinating listing which immediately caught my eye. Why not take that money you’ve been funneling into your home and do something memorable and even a little mad with it? If this proposition has you nodding your head vigorously, this story might be of interest. A WHOLE SCHOOL is now on the market for the modest sum of $350,000. Seems like a steal doesn’t it and takes the concept of ‘home schooling’ to a whole new level.